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Window Clicker

How about a Window Clicker to click designated windows for you? In case that sounds interesting, Window Clicker is the automation software utility for you. The Window Clicker will provide you functionality to automatically click on Windows by identifying them.

With Window Clicker you only need to identify the Window & a clickable window item and the Window Clicker will do the rest. It will click the designated Window item automatically whenever it is activated.

Possible Uses of Window Clicker

  • Close Popup Windows.
  • Close any repeated window(s) let’s say an Error Message or any other Window which you need to be clicked automatically.

Window Clicker is an automation software which will save you doing repeated mouse clicks. The Software will not require to reposition mouse cursor or anything that is noticable and can possibly interrupt working with Windows.

The Window Clicker is a small software utility and works for XP, Windows 2000, Vista or Windows 7. Give it a try and find out yourself how helpful it can be.