Window Closer to automate closing of any window

Use Window Closer to close any popup window automatically on XP, Vista or Windows 7. See the list of open windows on your windows computer. You can even export the windows list to a text file. Set or remove Auto Close of Windows easily. Download Window Closer Now or Click on the Screenshot below to find more information about Window Closer in a new popup window.

Window Closer

Window Closer is an automation software utility designed specifically to automatically close designated window automatically. Use Window Closer as you would like a popup blocker to block any popup window in a browser. Window Closer can be configured to close any window automatically any window identified by window title and window class name. The Automation software can also be used to view the list of windows open on a computer, position of opened window, and even width and height of all the windows can be seen and saved to a text file as well. You can even Find Window if you know the title of a window or class name of any window. Technically speaking the Window Closer will click on top right close button of a window automatically when it is activated. You can easily remove the automatic closing of all windows easily.