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Window Title Changer

How about changing title text of an application? ¬†Window Title Changer can help you out with that. Download and launch the Title Changer to change selected application’s title. Note that the application’s title change would be temporary and would not be permanent.

Free Software to Change Window Title

Changing Window Title is as simple as selecting an application visible in foreground from the list of Windows, entering new title and clicking on a button to change the title of Window. The Window Title Changer Software works on almost all Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 7, Vista , XP etc. The Free Software download does not even requires installation, you can simply place it on Desktop or any other folder location and run it.

In Windows there are some hidden windows as well. The Hidden windows are required to do some functionality and as a user we are not supposed to look at them or interact with them, the corresponding application’s responsibility is to interact with them and destroy then when not needed. Just remember not to mess with hidden windows to keep your Windows Computer running smoothly. However in case you do need to locate a specific window and it’s attributes, you can opt to display all windows created by all applications.

The Window Title Changer is provided on as is basis which implies that, use it carefully and use it when you do know what you are doing. The Free Software can be used to change title of window and there is no installation required as well so you can even use the software on a computer system on which you cannot install a program.

Download the free software utility now and change window title easily and quickly. Send us feedback or with new feature suggestions and we will try our best to implement them as soon as possible.

Change Hard, Flash or Pen, CD or DVD Drive Icon with Free Software

Change your Drive Icon to any other selected icon with this Free Software Download. The Free Software Download can be used to change the drive icon of Hard Disk Icon or Flash or Pen Drive Icon or even CD ROM or DVD ROM Drive icon.


Download the Icon Changer and save it to computer’s Desktop or at any other location on the computer and run it. The Free Software Download does not requires any installation and is a standalone software. The Icon Changer can change drive icon on Windows 7 and the software even worked on Windows XP.